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Thread: Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud How-To

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    Unhappy Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud How-To

    Hello. I need an Amazon EC2 Cloud How-To install for Sugarcrm community edition.

    The guides I have found are either outdated or not comprehensive enough.

    These are the old ones I have found; they don't have enough info

    Is there a current and robust way? Want to move over from Zoho CRM to Sugarcrm but can't until I know how to do this.

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    Can't really help with the Amazon EC2 Cloud, sorry, but the company I work at specializes in automating cloud migrations, Zoho to Sugar as well. Prove me wrong but I guess that the automated way is as current and robust as it can be. Check Migration to SugarCRM. Import From Any CRM. From Salesforce, Zoho, Highrise | Import2

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