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Thread: Awnsers Re: How to both Install and Uninstall SugarCRM

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    Smile Awnsers Re: How to both Install and Uninstall SugarCRM

    Below is an PM I received from a fellow member and my response, of which I feel alot of others could also benfit from reading such..

    And as a community FYI, I mention the following:
    And though I will at times share (post) private communication to the forum, I will never disclose the identity of the other person/party (unless they publically post (on the forum) in relation to that particular discussion); nor will I ever disclose personal and/or confidential information such as machine ip's/hostnames, phone numbers, etc..

    Quote Originally Posted by private
    I want to install Sugar4.5 in Fedora Core 2 with Apache 2.0.5, MySQL 4.0.20 and PHP 5.14 installed. But first, i need to know how to I uninstall the Sugar 4.5? Please advice
    Quickly, regarding 'installation'... Have you READ the manuals/documentation on SugarCRM, let alone on installing it, all of which are available from

    I know (from your question) that you haven't read such, thus there's your awnser for regarding how-to install Sugar.

    First, I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. You want to install Sugar 4.5, but 'first, I need .... to uninstall .. sugar 4.5"?

    If you already have 4.5 installed, why do you want to uninstall it?

    Though I can't quite make sense of your question, I'm 99.9% positive that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Sugar. The topic of 'uninstalling' is not a Sugar related thing, but rather simply a server administration topic which consists of 1) recursively deleting a directory; and 2) deleteing a sql database on a MySQL server. (btw, there's your awnser on how to uninstall, and if want a detailed how-to, you can either google it or hire me or someone else for such education or support.)

    If you're thinking or asking an 'how to uninstall *an already installed copy of* Sugar *in order to be able to install Sugar*' type question of any kind, let me EMPHASIZE that you NEVER need to uninstall any installation/deployment of SugarCRM, in order to be able to install [a deployment] of SugarCRM.

    EDIT: The text above inbetween asterisks is an edit; whereby I have made some additions inorder to communicate what I meant and my specific thought behind such.

    You can install or have a limitless number of SugarCRM deployments on a server ('computer' in end user terms), so long as the directory/folder name containing the Sugar deployments files AND Sugar's matching SQL database name, are unique.

    If all of this, and/or these concepts, are both unfamiliar to you and do not make sense to you, then you have two options.

    Option one is spending alot of time, self-educating yourself in the area of networking, servers, and server administration.
    {Despite the fact that they've made Sugar easy to install on a windows system, the fact remains that Sugar not only uses but is DEPENDANT upon a server environment which includes a mySQL server and a Web Server among other things.}

    Option two, is you can pay for the education, and/or support in which someone else does it (whatever your desired goal or end result is) for you.

    You picked not only the right person but one of the best in the world, for such support if goals & end results are the most important aspect of your agenda; however, I am not a person who lives life lieing to others out of fear that I might offend another person, or fear that I might lose business, work, money, parnetships, friendships, etc.

    I'm sorry but I am the wrong person for those whom might be looking for free baby'ing (education [ultimately] on a silver platter) and especially free support, because they're
    a) too lazy or cheap to want to take the time to find the knowledge (information/education) on their own in a library or via internet search engine; or
    b) too cheap to want to pay for something (such as buying software, or paying for support, etc.). To this group of people I'd ask: "What do you do for a living and to support your family?"
    "You get paid for it?" "Why do you DESERVE to be paid for your work?" "Don't you FEEL others should be paid for their work?"
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    Default Re: Awnsers Re: How to both Install and Uninstall SugarCRM

    I think this private msgs were auto-generated... I got the same question too.
    Cheers Pascal
    Simplicity GmbH

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    Default Re: Awnsers Re: How to both Install and Uninstall SugarCRM

    I have the problem too. I mean I have installed an old version such as 4.2 but now i want to install 4.5. Before that, i need uninstall 4.2. So comes the problem.

    As you know, there is an uninstall.exe in the install dorectory sugarcrm-4.2.0 on windows platform. While on unix I cannot find such program named uninstall or any other file whcih has the uninstall-function.

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    Default Re: Awnsers Re: How to both Install and Uninstall SugarCRM

    for a linux distro:
    go to your sugar installation from the shell (eg /opt/sugarcrm-4.5.1e ) and type:
    # ./ stop (dont type the # thats the prompt)
    this script should stop both apache and mysql

    then run
    # rm -rf %sugar directory%

    this will remove all the files and directories within the folder.
    The bitrock installer as far as I can tell does not make any changes outside of the installation folder so you should be set to install whatever new version you want.

    hope that helps

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