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    Default GODADDY & SUGARCRM????

    I have an economy hosting account setup with Godaddy and I'm trying to figure out how to install SugarCRM. I've gone ahead and created the MySQL instance and have also uploaded the extracted files onto the root of my hosting account.

    Does anyone have any instructons on how to get SugarCRM working with Godaddy? I would greatly appreciate any help.


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    Default Re: GODADDY & SUGARCRM????

    The economy hosting will not work 100% on GoDaddy. You will have problems with Email working as they block all the port associated with email. You can not even connect to GoDaddy Email servers. You can use sendmail to send emails from the server but you will not be able to retrieve inbound emails. it is possible to run sugar in the economy hosting but you will lack features. You may also run into frequent MySQL lost connections and unable to connect. these usually resolve quickly but on occasion there are problems. you might want to consider a virtual dedicated or dedicated server. these will work 100% with some configuration.

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    Default Re: GODADDY & SUGARCRM????

    We just picked up godaddy for our host

    We went with PentiumŪ 4w/HT - 3.0GHz and 1gig of RAM

    Should that cover us? At what point would we have to go with more ram?

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    Smile Re: GODADDY & SUGARCRM????

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