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Thread: Hosting SugarCRM on Amazon EC2

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    Default Hosting SugarCRM on Amazon EC2

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking into SugarCRM as a possible solution for a friend's company. I have been developing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the past few years but have no experience with SugarCRM. I wanted to set up an instance of it and test it out. I was curious if anyone has set it up using Amazon's free web services, specifically the BitNami pre-configured image? I set this up once and within a day was up to $5 worth of charges. Is it possible to set up SugarCRM on the Amazon free web services so that I can play around in it? Perhaps I just went through the set up wrong, which is why I am asking. Thanks for your help.

    I have one follow up question, none relating to installation(sorry if I should of made a separate thread?). With dynamics they make it very easy to edit a page, by dragging and dropping newly created fields onto the form. If this was set up for someone who had no coding knowledge would they have that simliar functionality? Or do all edits done to SugarCRM requiring coding knowledge? I'm just curious if once set up they would need someone full time to manager the system or if they would be able to make small adjustments themselves without any coding background.

    Thanks again!

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    Don't know about Amazon but changes can easily be made without coding using the studio
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