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Thread: JavaScript error upon installation

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    bowenl2 Guest

    Default JavaScript error upon installation

    Hello everyone

    Right after installation of 6.5.9, I'm getting this error JavaScript error in Firebug. It prevents me from using any of the AJAX features, it seems. Here's what Firebug gives me:

    SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
    [Break On This Error]

    {ajaxStatus.s owStatus(SUGAR.language.get('app_strings','LBL_LOA DING_PAGE'

    It's at: /sugar/cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1.js?v=JYJkGb8xtcJ9_4MLlduzWw

    It almost looks like 's owStatus' should be 'showStatus' - what's up with the H getting dropped?


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    Default Re: JavaScript error upon installation

    First thing I would do is to go to the Admin->repair page and run the

    Rebuild JS Compressed Files

    and then the

    Rebuild JS Grouping Files

    You could also run a

    Quick Repair and Rebuild

    which does the first two and more (I think) but the first two are more targeted. Let me know if anything changes.
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    bowenl2 Guest

    Default Re: JavaScript error upon installation

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that didn't work. Strangely (almost comically except it's stopping me from doing work), it seems as though the lower case h's are missing from this javascript file. What's up with that? I reinstalled clean as well as doing the "quick repair" and the other repairs you mentioned but same problem.

    SUGAR.namespace("t emes");SUGAR.namespace("tour");SUGAR.namespace("su garHome");SUGAR.namespace("subpanelUtils");SUGAR.n amespace("ajaxStatusClass");SUGAR.namespace("tabC ooser");SUGAR.namespace("utils");SUGAR.namespace(" savedViews");SUGAR.namespace("das lets");SUGAR.namespace("unifiedSearc Advanced");SUGAR.namespace("searc Form");SUGAR.namespace("language");SUGAR.namespace ("Studio");SUGAR.namespace("contextMenu"); mespace("config");var nameIndex=0;var typeIndex=1;var requiredIndex=2;var msgIndex=3;var jstypeIndex=5;var minIndex=10;var maxIndex=11;var altMsgIndex=15;var compareToIndex=7;var arrIndex=12;var operatorIndex=13;var callbackIndex=16;var allowblank=8;var validate=new Array();var maxHours=24;var requiredTxt='Missing Required Field:';var invalidTxt='Invalid Value:';var secondsSinceLoad=0;var inputsWit Errors=new Array();var tabsWit Errors=new Array();var lastSubmitTime=0;var alertList=new Array();var oldStartsWit='';function isSupportedIE(){var userAgent=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();if(use rAgent.indexOf("msie")!=-1&&userAgent.indexOf("mac")==-1&&userAgent.indexOf("opera")==-1){var version=navigator.appVersion.matc(/MSIE (.\..)/)[1];if(version>=5.5&&version<10){return true;}else{return false;}}}

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    kaushikparmar Guest

    Default Re: JavaScript error upon installation

    i also face this problem earlier. In my case , it was json error. Check in your firebug that what response you getting as json response. There should not any thing attache with json response. Eg. {"name":"value"}<anything-character> . here after json array if <anything-character> other than white space added than it will give error. So try to solve this json error.

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