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Thread: Need help with 6.3.0RC3 broken installation and upgrade!

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    Unhappy Need help with 6.3.0RC3 broken installation and upgrade!

    Problem: Broken installation of 6.3.0RC3 Community Edition running under Windows 7 with Apache. Upgrade wizard would start but hang (when 6.3.0 + was released) but SugarCRM was running AOK. Then more recently Apache died (apparently due to a Win7 update patch). So now we have a non-running SugarCRM due to Apache issues and a broken upgrade wizard. Lest it go unsaid, personnel changes are part of how this ended up this way, and why it has taken us until now to address it. Ah well. So, I am new to SugarCRM though I know my way around a computer pretty well (developer type). So I am looking for a viable path to get us up to the current SugarCE version without losing all our current data.

    We have a good backup and copy of the 6.3.0RC3 database (MSSQL). I cannot find an installation package on the SugarCRM site for 6.3.0RC3 so that we can try a clean install then substitute the old 6.3.0RC3 database.

    Question 1: Is there a 6.3.0RC3 clean install package available that we can use to rebuild this? If we had one, could we substitute the old db for the new one once the install is complete? Would the upgrade path then be to 6.3.0 and beyond?

    Question 2: Is there a manual process to update the database structure and data to a later version of SugarCRM? That way we could (hopefully) just do a clean install of a later version and substitute the manually updated database once the install is complete. Or is there a clear method for moving the data from a 6.3.0RC3 to a later version that we can then use the normal upgrade path to move us up to the latest version?

    Question 3: If we want to shift from Apache to IIS, are there ANY database differences (structure or data) between the Apache and IIS databases under MSSQL? We would like to (when we are all done) be running under IIS and MSSQL (right now we are Apache and MSSQL).

    Many Thanks!

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    Default Re: Need help with 6.3.0RC3 broken installation and upgrade!


    As you mentioned you have a backup of database, I can suggest a try to help you. Install latest SugarCRM and then from config.php change the database name(still you should have a backed up database safe somewhere else) then go to config table in database and change value against entry version. Then login with admin and do quick repair and rebuild, execute all queries which may appear and I think it should be good to go..

    Good luck!
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