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Thread: SugarCRM performance on Windows vs Linux host?

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    Default SugarCRM performance on Windows vs Linux host?

    Hi all,

    Just curious here if there's any big difference between the two. The reason I ask is because we have a Quote application that needs to run on Windows (any version) to be shared over the network to users. We have always run Sugar either on prem or in the cloud using CentOS 5 or 6. There's only 2 or 3 users that access Sugar or the Quote tool so usage is very light. The system specs are Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86Ghz, 4GB ram, 40GB SATA hard drive non SSD. The OS can be whatever is best, whether XP or Windows 7 but probably will be Windows 7 since we have the licence for that.

    I want to point out that I'm not super technical. I can deal with Linux and understand how it works, how to use it etc and can follow guides easily online that explain how to get certain things running etc, so I'd say I'm intermediate. Where I'm not that technical is in performance tweaking like when people say to use APC etc like I can follow guides on setting that up but when it comes to actual benchmarking etc I have no idea. So for the most part, we'd be looking at the above system running CentOS 6 with just SugarCE on it with no modifications in terms of trying to make php more efficient etc or possibly some "attempts" at that. OR the above system running Windows 7 installed using one of the Stack installers unless there's recommendations on doing it manually etc.

    So between doing the both options, are there any differences? I feel like Linux would be faster since there's no GUI that's running and it just seems like web code and so on is more designed for Linux versus Windows but thought I'd check just to find out and see what recommendations anyone had. Thanks!

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    Default Re: SugarCRM performance on Windows vs Linux host?

    Generally speaking, Linux will be faster than Windows and easier to scale. That said, for the light load you have, Windows should be fine for hosting.
    John Mertic
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