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Thread: Tracking All Emails

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    johngwms Guest

    Default Tracking All Emails

    I want to be able to track all emails I send, not just those as part of a campaign.

    I need to know when an email has been opened or a marketing link clicked.

    How can I setup SugarCRM to do this?

    Many thanks


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    Default Re: Tracking All Emails

    Hi John,

    Not out of the box, no. In order to do this, you'd need to modify the core modules/Emails/Email.php to dynamically insert a hidden image in each email that is sent with a link back to your SugarCRM that updates the read status in SugarCRM (and perhaps as part of your activity feed). This isn't recommended though since I don't think this can be done in an upgrade friendly manner - someone else might be able to correct me on this though.
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    RileyB Guest

    Default Re: Tracking All Emails

    You can use 3rd party services to track your daily emails. Services like ContactMonkey ( and Spypg offer email tracking for Outlook & Gmail. Pretty simple. Much better than a read receipt.

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    sraisz Guest

    Default Re: Tracking All Emails

    Contactmonkey is interesting. BUt I could not find Spypg. Can you provide the url?

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