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Thread: Access the logged username and password

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    Default Access the logged username and password

    Hi, I will be clear as much as possible

    I have added a custom page where I connect to a database and import a large number of users and add them to sugar, now the all is working fine but in my page I am adding the username and password of the admin myself
    ( $soapclient->call( "login", ), and that is not good because in case the admin changes the password, it will not longer work. How can I access the logged user username and password ?

    thanks !

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    Default Re: Access the logged username and password


    Why do you use soap to create users while you are already logged in into Sugar? If you are logged in into Sugar, you can simply do,
    PHP Code:
    $oUser = new User();
    $oUser->username = <from your file>;
    //... map all fields as you want
    I hope I haven't misjudged your requirement.
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