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Thread: Calculated Fields and Constants

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    Default Calculated Fields and Constants

    I was looking for some ideas on the best way to drop a calculated field into my Module.

    2 challenges is the formula requires a Constant Value and and Entered Value.

    Rate = $50.00
    Number of Hours = 10

    I have the Number of Hours in the Module Fields.

    Not really sure Where to Put the Rate Field (Probably as another Module that I will relate to) as I need to control that and not allow my employees to modify it.

    So now I have a Module Called Project Rates and I have a field in the module named Rate, and it is set to $50.

    I have related the Rate Module to my Job Module.

    Now I need to display the Rate Modules {Rate} x Job Module {NumberOfHours}.

    Any Ideas?



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    Default Re: Calculated Fields and Constants


    firstly your rate value can go into the config table in sugar.
    have a look at the saveSetting and retrieveSettings methods in Administration
    (modules/Administration/Administration.php - around lines 147 and 83 respectively

    Then for you calculated field the easiest is to actually add an extra field for the calculated value and simply recalculate it in a before_save logic hook every time a record is saved.
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    Default Re: Calculated Fields and Constants

    Thanks for the Advice.

    Unfortunately that will not work in my situation as I have multiple Rates depending on type of Project.

    As for the Calculated Field I will give that a shot.


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