Hi all,

I'm currently pushing for more rigorous testing of Sugar customizations at my company. Right now we test things thoroughly by hand, but we don't use unit tests as a standard practice yet. I'd like to change that but I need to have a tool in hand to encourage the necessary effort. Otherwise, I'm afraid we've just got too much internal inertia to make a timely change in our development practices. We're considering two automation tools right now: first, Selenium Server on the user-facing side will verify that our customizations don't ultimately break the user experience.

But before we ever get as far as testing customizations for user-facing functionality, I want to see unit tests via PHPUnit on the backend. I understand SugarCRM has a comprehensive--or at least extensive--PHPUnit harness already, and I'm wondering how to get ahold of a version that's concurrent with the released code (e.g. 7.1.0) rather than whatever's current in the development branch. I doubt the latter, if there's been much change in the code between the latest public release and the time of download from GitHub, will offer a reliable baseline set of tests for the suite. Unfortunately, the actual release builds are stripped of test code.

So I'm wondering about two things here. First, is SugarCRM functionally tested using Selenium or anything similar? Second, how can I get these scripts (if they exist) and the unit tests that apply directly to a given release? Is that possible with their current development ecosystem?