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Thread: Where put code html?

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    hotdog019 Guest

    Default Where put code html?

    Hi all,

    When login my sugarcrm site, I click on "Save page as" --> save "sugarcrm.html" file. Then i open sugarcrm.html file with Notepad++ for paste some code and then I saved sugarcrm.html.
    Then, I ssh by putty into my sugarcrm admin and i want put "sugarcrm.html" file or put the code (that i inserted sugarcrm.html file) into the elevalent file as sugarcrm.html file but i do not know that file or where is it?
    Could you help my problem? Thanks for all.

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    Default Re: Where put code html?

    Sugar is a web application that generates HTML dynamically. There is no static HTML.

    What kind of changes do you want to do? Many things can be done by configuration in Sugar, other things need changes in PHP code (see developer guide).
    Which edition and version of Sugar do you use?
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    kevinpham Guest

    Default Re: Where put code html?

    okay, i agree with sts. very good.

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    vanduoc Guest

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    Thanks, have a nice post
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