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    Default SweetUndelete

    A new module that adds an Undelete monitor to any flavor of SugarCRM (6.4.0+). It lets you, and your users, undelete accidentally deleted records and ALL of the relationships correctly. It uses logic hooks to monitor SugarCRM internal delete commands so when you undelete a record only the relationships that we valid at the time of the deletion are recovered. It also monitors deleted relationships alone so if you delete the relationship between a Task and a Contact, SweetUndelete will allow you to undelete that easily with one click.

    This module cannot undelete a record that was deleted BEFORE the module was installed. It relies on a monitor so it cannot recover data that didnt get monitored. I do have a utility that will undelete records and their relationships (not relationships alone) but I am not distributing that one. I will make it available to anyone who needs it if you email me. It is not good enough to use on everything but it can fix things well enough that a little extra editing will get you back to where you were. This new tool will get you EXACTLY back to where you were.

    To See how this module works, watch this video

    It will be available for download shortly here on SugarForge.
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    Look for these SugarCRM Tools
    SweetDBAdmin 1.9 - Intuitive web interface for your SugarCRM 6.4+ database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle and DB2)
    SweetUndelete 1.0 - The very best Undelete module for SugarCRM 6.4+. Allows admins and Users to undelete records and relationships
    SweetTinyMCEUpgrade - Upgrades your SugarCRM's TinyMCE installation to 3.5.8 (currently it's 3.4.4)
    SweetActivities 0.8 beta - An example of how to create a View on Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Emails so they can be viewed and reported on as one module. NOT FOR MSSQL YET

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    Default Re: SweetUndelete

    This looks great and I will be giving it a go.

    It may be worth mentioning on the SugarForge page that this is for 6.4+ only, as it is getting bad reviews by people who cannot install it on earlier versions of SugarCRM.

    -- Jason

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