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Thread: Different types of Accounts

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    pt Guest

    Default Different types of Accounts


    Is it possible to split the Accounts in 2 categories with different customized screens for each? Ideally I would like to have in the general navigation 2 tabs, "Accounts type 1" and "Accounts type 2".

    Thanks for your help!


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    I'm still new to SugarCRM, however it would seem that if you built two custom modules in Module Builder (MB) Type 1 & 2, adding in all the fields you need in the accounts modules, then Hide the default accounts module for regular users, and add in /custom/... your upgrade safe extensions to these for what data to return for each.

    This would give you a few advantages over modifying the accounts module...
    1. Maintain the default accounts as the Master list, exposed to Admins & Managers only
    2. Add additional logic for records of each type as business rules evolve

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    blasher Guest

    Default Re: Different types of Accounts


    I had a similar kind of dilemma with regards to doing some development.


    The problem with your approach is that there is a lot of functionality associated with "Accounts" module, such as predefined relationships, that would not be carried over to a "custom module".


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    Default Re: Different types of Accounts

    Another approach would be to utilize the existing accounts module and then creating a custom view that applies a different customized screen based on the type of account currently being viewed. I've done this a number of times with Contacts and Accounts. There is an example in these forums on how to apply such a change to the Cases module, but the principles are the same. The only thing you wouldn't have is the main navigation option, but you could easily create two saved searches to easily bring up each subset within the Accounts module.

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