We are using 6.5.9 CE and have the following loose requirement.

Using an example:

A primary module (parent) is linked as a 1-many with secondary module (child).

We really need to restrict access to only the detailsview and edit screens of the parent, and the detailsview of the child. Within the parent view we will have the subpanel showing the associated child entries.

The user needs to be able to click on any of the child associations to view and edit them. However, child should never really be made available to the end user to search or be able to see the listview.

Is this possible?

I guess we can do most of it easy enough but the things we have seen are as follows:

If we disable the module tab for child it will still appear when you click on a child entry from the view screen of parent. Also once on an entry of child you can navigate to the listview and search screen of child...

Any help much appreciated.