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    tatha Guest

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    I am using SugarCRM Version 6.3.1 (Build 7095)
    Is it possible to have multiple owner to a entry (like Opportunity, Meeting, Lead etc.)? In other words, I want to assign one opportunity to multiple person.

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    The best you can do is add an additional relationship to the Users module, which will put them down in a subpanel.
    John Mertic
    Sugar Community Manager

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    You might also look at purchasing the SecuritySuite module for your instance. More info here:

    Angel Magaņa
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    Co-Author: Implementing SugarCRM 5.x (Packt Publishing -- Sept. 2010)
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    to just list them follow Johns approach yet this will not have any impact on the rights. We are just completing our new territory and authorization management and assigning multiple territories as well as multiple users (see Screenshot) is key feature of it. Yet to make this also evaluated in the access right requires core modifications.

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