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Thread: Sugar <-> Zimbra Integration

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    ychaouche Guest

    Default Sugar <-> Zimbra Integration

    Hello community,

    I read most of the 15 search result links in the forum about zimbra/SugarCRM integration.

    In a nutshell, here are the notes I took while reading along the threads :

    - john announced back in 2005 that he'd worked with the zimbra team Zimbra to make a Zimbra module inside of Sugar Zimbra Integration? ;

    - mikev (datasync) was looking for people and wrote Zimgar, but as of 2008 it doesen't synchronize neither of the contacts nor the calendar. Zimgar isn't found anywhere (used to be part of datasync community products but now disappeared completely) ;

    - eleventeenth cleaned up and enhanced the PHP script written by ryanwilliams ;

    - eleventeenth wrote a script for one-way syncing of SugarCRM contacts into Zimbra ;

    - drubarth started programming an address book sync and update solution ;

    - quixote1024 wrote a plugin that syncs Zimbra and Sugar's agendas ;

    - Dieter_be a wrote SugarZimbraSync (kangaroot) (2010) based on eleventeenth's code, which is itself based on ryanwilliams' ;

    - mie worked on a project called miezimbra, which seems to have disappeared completely (erreor on sugarforge at : SugarForge: Exiting with error. his company is also unreachable. A search on google on "miezimbra" gave no interresting search results (code repository hosted at sourforge is empty as well) ;

    - jfuller70 announced they were using the ICal patch for sugarcrm calendar solution .

    Does anybody have a good sight on the situation today about the Zimbra / SugarCRM projects going-on ? as much as possible (e-mail and calendar at least). As far as I have reached in my research, here are the products a came across :

    o ZSugar (irontec) : zSugar | Zimbra :: Gallery

    o Sugar Zimlet by Starxpert : Sugar Zimlet | Zimbra :: Gallery

    o SugarZimbraSync (kangaroot) :

    I would love to hear feedback from you guys : did you manage to get these two buddies talk together ? at what extent (contacts, calendar ...) ?

    Thanks for your positive feedback

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    karbonkelberg Guest

    Default Re: Sugar <-> Zimbra Integration

    I would be keen to join a client-side (ie. not developer focused) thread about this topic. We are active users of both Zimbra v7.01 and SugarCRM v 5.0.2c (with plans to upgrade as part of improving the integration with Zimbra) community editions.

    We currently import Zimbra mailboxes via an external IMAP mail integration, but in an ideal world I want to be able to associate a Zimbra eMail, client or event directly with a Sugar lead or contact from within Zimbra.

    While not expert Zimbra or Sugar on the technical level, we have deep Linux and system level capabilities (including virtualised platforms on Xen).


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    drummingpariah is offline Sugar Community Member
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    Default Re: Sugar <-> Zimbra Integration

    Our Sales team uses Sugar, and our company email is handled with Zimbra. The only solution we've been able to get working properly has been through direct IMAP integration. None of the Zimlets or Sugar add-on Modules have worked. As far as I can see, documentation has been sporadic and out of date. I can't offer much positive feedback, but Sugar doesn't seem to integrate very well with most email services out-of-the-box.

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    efebrero Guest

    Question Re: Sugar <-> Zimbra Integration

    I have a problem with the Sugar Zimlet in Zimbra not know how to configure it to authenticate correctly in sugar

    Our zimbra being authenticated by Active Directory and also sugar and each separately works perfect but when I want to use the Zimbra Zimlet for sugar tells me incorrect authentication

    Thanks a lot

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