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Thread: Two columns Detail View

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    Sitalk Guest

    Default Two columns Detail View

    Hello everybody

    I would like to make the view.detail.php of a custom module to be displayed in two columns
    Left: The current module's detail view.
    Right: The subpanels petaining to the module.
    My detailviewdefs.php already has maxColumns set to 2.
    But the detail view displays only one column.
    Would anybody please tell me what else shoud be done?


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    Sitalk Guest

    Default Re: Two columns Detail View

    I figured it out... For those interested this is what I've done:
    I copied the include/DetailView/DetailView.tpl to custom/include/DetailView/DetailView.tpl
    I added a new class (panel_detailview_tabs) to the detailview_tabs div (found at the very beginning of the file):

    {{include file=$headerTpl}}
    {sugar_include include=$includes}
    <div id="{{$module}}_detailview_tabs" class="panel_detailview_tabs {{if $useTabs}}yui-navset detailview_tabs{{/if}}">...

    I copied the currently used theme from the /themes folder to the /custom/themes folder and added this code to the themes/MyTheme/css/style.css file:

    width: 48%;
    float: left;
    margin: 5px;

    width: 48%;
    float: left;
    margin: 5px;

    Now the detail view of every module is split into two columns.
    The left column displays the actual detail view of the account, lead or contact (or whichever module you are viewing)
    And the right column displays the subpanels of all related modules.

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    saj123 Guest

    Default Re: Two columns Detail View

    i wanted to try that.. but i am not getting the include folder in custom folder ????? so what to do for that.......... i wanted to create 3 columns in my home page of all modules.......

    help me out

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