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Thread: changes in sugaremailaddress.js files are overriden after 'repair JS files'

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    rodnikosh Guest

    Default changes in sugaremailaddress.js files are overriden after 'repair JS files'

    i made a small change in the email field. the change is that it will be LTR although my sugar is RTL.
    i edited a line in Include/sugarrmailaddress/sugaremailaddress.js file and rebuild.
    it solved the problem and it worked fine.

    but when i repaired all javascript files for another development using the admin --> repair --> Repair JS Files
    the changes in sugaremailaddress.js were gone.

    how can i keep the changes in sugaremailaddress.js file?
    where is the source of the JS code of sugaremailaddress.js so i'll change it there... (where does it take it from?)

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    Default Re: changes in sugaremailaddress.js files are overriden after 'repair JS files'

    Hi Rodni,

    This is the source file - it's likely that you've just not saved the changes. If you're making changes in the custom or cache directory, these can get overwritten, but not in the include directory from a repair. However, editing that file is a bad idea and will end up locking you into your current version of SugarCRM as opposed to making it upgrade friendly - just a word of warning on that front.
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