Can anyone help me get my email to work through Sugar 5.1.0 Community edition (on site)?
I'm running it on Mac OSX via a G5 imac server.

I've set up the email to run via our Kerio Email system (which runs on a separate Mac server) and used the appopriate settings from there (Port No., Password, SMTP address etc). I got a random selection of the inbound emails in my Sugar inbox but on sending, the following error message:

"Error emaiing:SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host."

I tried instead to set the email to work with my .mac (mobileme) account, again - all the settings come directly from the online .mac account. Again the same error message.

Really frustrating as managing email campaigns is my main reason to run Sugar.

Can anyone tell me what is likely to be happening? My email provider can't explain but I assume it's a Sugar thing if the same thing happens with .mac?