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    Default IMPORT ERRORS on

    Hi John,

    i've spent hours with our server administrator who has changed the appropriate setting, however it made absolutely no difference.

    I don't understand as the file I tried to import as a second test was exactly the same file I succesfully imported 6 weeks ago when we were evaluating Sugar CRM CE. 6 weeks ago it imported like a dream and was perfect, now everything I do seems to be warnings and errors. (OK I have turned on error reporting as before there were just blank screens and nothing happened)

    I log on to sugar is fine - then when i go to admin and press the Import Wizard button, immediately I get this -
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() occured in /home/phuket/public_html/sugar/include/externalAPI/ExternalAPIFactory.php on line 106 [2012-11-08 09:42:07] display_stack_trace caller, file: /home/phuket/public_html/sugar/include/utils.php line#: 3116
    Import»Step 1: Select Data Source


    This is only a warning, but when i load the same file as 6 weeks ago which imported like magic, I get -

    Warning: DateTimeZone::__construct() [datetimezone.--construct]: Unknown or bad timezone (US/Pacific-New) occured in/home/phuket/public_html/sugar/include/TimeDate.php on line 1459 [2012-11-08 09:52:28] display_stack_trace caller, file: /home/phuket/public_html/sugar/include/utils.php line#: 3116

    The debug file is attached to my previous thread but after tearing my hair out I am no nearer a solution other than deleting Sugar completely from our server in US and completely re-installing and re-adding the new fields. If this happens now what happens if Sugar does this again when all our data is inside - I shudder to think! My initial super confidence is shattered!

    Your kind assistance will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,debug on 8th Nov.txt

    Peter Phuket Thailand. GMT+7

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    Default Re: IMPORT ERRORS on

    First off, please add a bug for this at if you haven't already, and let me know the bug number.

    Second, can you get access to the display_errors setting for your PHP install, and turn it to 'Off' to hide these errors from the user?
    John Mertic
    Sugar Community Manager

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