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Thread: Need the assigned to user change

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    Question Need the assigned to user change

    Hi Friends,
    I need a modification in my Schedule meeting QuickCreate form . I need to assigned to field as the record owner (not the current user logged in) and make that field disabled(cannot select another one) , I just attach a screenshot I need below

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    Please help me with a solution , I use SugarCE v 6.5.4.


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    Default Re: Need the assigned to user change

    This post has an example that will help you with the first part, just alter it so instead of assigning a specific user, it instead uses the owner ID:

    Angel's Blog: SugarCRM Customization: Default Assigned User

    This other post may help you with the second part, but I haven't tried it on Assigned To fields to tell you for sure if it will work:

    Angel's Blog: SugarCRM Customization: Read-only Fields

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