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Thread: new accounts, documents, and FNG questions

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    Default new accounts, documents, and FNG questions


    This CRM solution really looks good and for $60 at the high end. Cheap! (Shhh! don't tell anyone I said that or they might raise the price )

    Just started with SCRM 6.5

    I just installed SCRM and I let the installer populate with sample data.

    1. Is there a way to get rid of the sample data later? In Front Accounting, I can switch between companies and therefore the demo company would always be there for reference.

    In this instance I did a website for a customer and decided to put her in SCRM

    2. I started this as an account. I don't understand if there's a difference (looking at the navigation tabs in SCRM) between Sales | Accounts, Marketing | Accounts, etc. Could someone please explain how these navigation tabs are intended to be used.

    2.a If I use the top nav and click documents and then create one as opposed to doing it in a specific account, does that make it a global document, so to speak? Something visible to all SCRM users or just me?

    I put all of the info for the customer's domains and hosting service in a spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc, and it works as MS Excel .xls also. I'm running everything here on a development server - Linux/ Apache just so you know.) Then, while in that account, I did the create document thing under the documents section and clicked browse to find the doc on my home/username directory. There's no upload button or anything and I clicked save. Then I searched to find out where they get saved and this old link led me down the garden path a bit:

    Where does SugarCrm saves uploaded documents?

    I did find the doc in sugarroot/upload (go figure. and there it is in config.php) and of course it was in a random filename since that avoids name collisions. Makes sense. Smart developers stored the filename in the DB and linked to the filename that was stored. So my next questions would be:

    3. Does this sound like sound ( ! ) strategy? Starting a new account and creating associated docs?

    4. You all might know that when you delete a doc, it's still in the upload directory. Where is the undelete button? I didn't see that but if i click on select, it opens a popup browser window showing three of the same file ( i saved and removed a couple or few) yet there are only 2 in the upload directory. It seems that clicking on those files in that pop up restores them or, rather, the reference. Is there a way to permanently delete them from the filesystem? One would play hell trying to figger out what to manually delete given those random filenames. Hmmm... even after manually deleting them, the select window shows that DB entries and retores them into an "overviews" section. Click one and I either get an invalid file referece note on a separate page.

    5. This one really bugs me and it might be a firefox browser issue. I changed the owner and group on the file (in /home/username, again) root:root and created the document for that customer. There was no problem getting - wait - ok... I had the permissions for read access to others. Set to 660 SCRM just sits there looking at me until I click cancel, YAY! I'll leave this as a rhetorical non-question that might help others.

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    Default Re: new accounts, documents, and FNG questions

    Just to answer some of your questions ...

    SugarCRM stores uploaded files in upload-directory. That's true. Plus there is additional meta data for that file which is stored in database. If you delete something in Sugar this always doesn't mean that this is really deleted but always only being marked as deleted (in database). Every table has a column "deleted" which indicates if an entry is marked deleted or not. If yes you can't see it in the application anymore (only in db). So: removing the file after "deleting" would lead to a dead link to that file in the database entry which is still there with deleted=true.

    2. I started this as an account. I don't understand if there's a difference (looking at the navigation tabs in SCRM) between Sales | Accounts, Marketing | Accounts, etc. Could someone please explain how these navigation tabs are intended to be used.
    "Accounts" module is the same in both cases. "Sales"/"Marketing" etc. are just showing the typical modules that people from sales, marketing, etc. often have to use during their work. Using admin->'Configure Module Menu Filters' you could change this to whatever you like.
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