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Thread: Schedulers do not take any effect

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    Question Schedulers do not take any effect

    I have some schedulers on SugarCE that are not taking any effect.

    I can't figure out what exactly is happening but I will try to describe a little here:

    Here is some stuffs I have already checked and looks ok:
    • I have already added the batch to Windows task scheduler (I'm using Win. Server);
    • The batch results no error when ran it from cmd;
    • On Sugar Scheduler taks appers with last ran time - so it looks like working perfectly;
    • Tasks are marked as "active";
    • Mailbox looks are being updating correctly;

    • E-mails reminds are no sent. But if I click "to send invites" the invites are sent (so its look the problem isn't with smtp configuration);
    • I have a custom module that generates a spread sheet (xls) - When I try to add a custom URL task on scheduler, I add this url but no xls are generated - so the task is not firing the custom module;

    Does anyone know what else could I look for?
    Where I can find the error and make the schedulers work correctly?

    On sugarcrm.log I can observe an error, but I still couldn't discovery what could be the problem:

    01/30/13 17:27:03 [1852][1][FATAL] Job failed: index.php?entryPoint=prev_vendas_xls&module=rvx_re ports&record=94fcc16b-ef85-dd57-62dd-50b4b82b989c&action=xls&aba=PrevisaoDeVendas
    01/30/13 17:27:03 [1852][1][FATAL] Job 6811bd0b-cbb3-cf91-92ed-510974d7a863 (teste-criar planilha) failed in CRON run

    Thanks in advance,

    Ian Maciel
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    Default Re: Schedulers do not take any effect

    You might want to add some debugging code that sends errors out to the sugarcrm.log to figure this out. It sounds like the job is running, but there's an error being run in the context of a cron job.
    John Mertic
    Sugar Community Manager

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    Default Re: Schedulers do not take any effect


    I'd suggest $GLOBAS['log']->fatal('<your_message>'); to each step and figure out where it failed exactly.
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