Hi all - I just wanted to get some feedback from the community on how best to accomplish a client requirement. Specifically, our client works with two types of leads/accounts - Buyers and Sellers. Although there is certainly some overlap in the data/info collected for each - i.e. name, address, contact info etc - there is more data that is unique to the specific lead/account type. As such, the client would like to have only the fields/custom fields that are related to the lead/account type viewable/editable based upon what type of record the user is viewing. Otherwise the view/edit screens will be very cluttered with meaningless/blank fields. Hopefully this makes sense. Has anybody ran into this requirement and, if so, how was it accomodated? I figure there are a few ways to 'skin this cat' but would like to do so with minimal touches to the core code. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.