I'm Laura Woodard with Allegro, a support firm and SugarCRM Silver Partner, based in Glen Allen, Va.

I need to deliver various versions of one letter to several different groups of our clients and prospects. (we are sending a traditional mailed letter in this case). Those individual recipient groups are organized in our SugarCRM 5.2 Professional into different "Attributes" (our own customized module).

I need to send several versions (three different letters) to our three different Attributes using the Word plug-in for SugarCRM. In the instructions, it appears that I might have to select the entire "Contacts" or "Leads" module and then tediously pick and choose which individuals to include in the merge (from one module at a time, as well).

Is there any way to prepare a merge that includes just a subset or group of our prospects or leads?

Please send me more information or your tips about how to do this ASAP.

Thanks in advance,

Laura Woodard

Laura Woodard
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