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Thread: Tracker URL and Public Access Issue

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    Default Tracker URL and Public Access Issue

    I have set up an email campaign with tracker urls and when testing the links they all work perfectly fine; upon sending out the campaign, our contacts were not able to view the links. A message saying the requested page could not be found is displayed. We restrict our access to only certain IPs for Sugar and would like to keep it that way. Is there any way I can have the tracker urls work without opening access?

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    Is you concern around inbound access to your Sugar system, or being able to only access specific URLs from inside your company.
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    Tracking URL is an important marketing tools and one that should be used within you email market. A campaign email can contain not only the campaign message but also images and links. Links can direct targets to other URLs such as an external website on your
    system. there is no way to tracker urls without opening access.

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