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Thread: Meetings created from Calendar Module not saving invitees

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    dsage Guest

    Default Meetings created from Calendar Module not saving invitees

    Meetings created from the Calendar Module are not saving invitees. I am on 6.5.5 Community Edition. I have SecuritySuite and ZuckerReports added onto Sugar. I have a couple logic hooks as well, one directly related to Meetings to force the assigned user to auto accept their own meetings.

    The problem we are having is when a user creates a meeting from within the Calendar module's popup form and adds invitees to the meeting, none are saved, including the record for the user that created the meeting. After saving, the meeting appears on the Calendar for the user, but after navigating away from the page and then back to the Calendar, that meeting has disappeared from the Calendar. If you go the the meetings tab, the record is there. Upon editing the meeting, we can see that no Contacts or Users are attached to the meeting.

    The logic hook I have for Meetings is an 'after_relationship_add' event that updates the accept_status of the assigned user in the meetings_user table. If the user removed themselves from the meeting, then this logic hook does not update anything as expected. I went ahead and added the same logic hook to the Calendar module which did not affect anything. I have tried a Quick Repair and Rebuild which also did not resolve this issue.

    Meetings created from the Full Form do save the invitees and users. These meetings will then show up on the Calendar as expected.

    This looks like a bug in Sugar, but I cannot be the only one with this issue, so I hope someone has experienced something similar and could give me a clue as to where to begin to resolve this.

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    dsage Guest

    Default Re: Meetings created from Calendar Module not saving invitees

    I upgraded to 6.5.6 and still have this issue.

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    dsage Guest

    Default Re: Meetings created from Calendar Module not saving invitees

    I am not sure what caused this and honestly not sure what really resolved this, but here is what I did to troubleshoot and finally fix it.

    I started a fresh instance of 6.5.6 and before any customizations, verified that the calendar was working correctly. I then installed the extra modules we use, configured the instance, copied over the custom directory and made the few other code changes that we have in place. Everything was working. So I replaced this new instance with the old and all is well.

    Of course, I took a fresh backup before starting this and I was testing between every little change to the new instance.

    I am guessing that one of the modules I have installed in the past had a bad disable/remove which may have left a file in use that was no longer required and causing this weird activity.

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    kzoutzeling Guest

    Default Re: Meetings created from Calendar Module not saving invitees

    This is a test reply, please disregard. Troubleshooting possible forum issue.

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