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Thread: Search by Account Numbers??????

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    Angry Search by Account Numbers??????

    I am currently trying to figure out how we can use the global search to locate an account number. For example if I assign B-374 to a current client under the account number section how can I find it that way again. If I type that in the search bar I get nothing, it does not make sense to me, why offer it if you cannot even search by it! Please someone help me in understanding how to resolve this situation. Thanks

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    Default Re: Search by Account Numbers??????

    Hi OT,

    You'll need to add the field to the global search options. See the howto article at:

    SugarCRM Developer Blog Blog Archive HOWTO: Add custom fields into the global search
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    Default Re: Search by Account Numbers??????

    Managing the data back end is really very important part of any business and keeping it updated from time to time is necessary to get the desired result when searched for anything. I hope your query was solved from their end.

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