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Thread: Sugar custom package license

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    Question Sugar custom package license


    If I want develop custom package with multiple modules in SugarCRM and sell online with permission to modify, study but cannot distribute other than me.

    Which SugarCRM commercial license for custom package I should use?

    I check some custom packages develop using open bravo ERP and use following license URL and some use perpetual license.

    Openbravo Commercial Licence 1.0

    Please advice.

    - Thanks

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    Default Re: Sugar custom package license

    You need to base your work on one of the commercial versions of SugarCRM (Professional, Corporate, Enterprise or Ultimate) if you wish to do that. If you do it with Community Edition, your work would be governed by the AGPL license and you would be required to share the code for the custom modules with anyone that asks. They in turn would be free to redistribute it if they wanted to.

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