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Thread: Mode of operation not specified

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    Default Mode of operation not specified

    Hi there

    Great software first of all. I decided to make a language pack following the instructions on the wiki. however when I upload it I get the meassge as in the title
    Mode of operation not specified
    No output in the upgradeWizard.log or sugarcrm.log or apache logs to indicate an error. All files owned by wwwrun:www on the server. All at least rw by wwwrun. Is there a clue I'm missing from the error?


    Here's my manifest.php

    $manifest = array (
      'acceptable_sugar_versions' =>
      array (
        'exact_matches' =>
        array (
        'regex_matches' =>
        array (
        	0 => '5\.2\.0[a-z]?'
      'acceptable_sugar_flavors' =>
      array (
        0 => 'CE',
        1 => 'PRO',
        2 => 'ENT',
      'name' => 'English (Irish) Language',
      'description' => 'English (Irish) Language files for SugarCE 5.2.0',
      'author' => 'Patrick Tuite',
      'published_date' => '2009-01-28 16:16:00',
      'version' => '0.1',
      'type' => 'langpack',
      'icon' => '',
      'is_uninstallable' => TRUE,
      'copy_files' =>
    	  array (
    		'from_dir' => 'en_ie_520',
    		'to_dir' => '',
    		'force_copy' =>
    			array (

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    Default Re: Mode of operation not specified

    Old thread, but an early search result for the phrase "Mode of operation not specified." in Sugar... I got this message in Pro 6.7.1 instance where I was using Module Loader to install a Module-Builder generated project package (i.e. a Module Builder project zip, not the deployed modules). I went back in to module loader and hit install again and it worked fine. Not sure what the root cause is/was.
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