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Thread: Install with MySQL NDBCLUSTER storage engine

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    Default Install with MySQL NDBCLUSTER storage engine

    I would like to have this feature in the installation - The user is given an option to use MySQL cluster engine
    NDBCLUSTER instead of using default MyISAM engine. It would greatly increase the reliability of the whole system.

    Users could also convert MyISAM database to NDBCLUSTER database later. But I am not sure what
    would happen if the user creates new modules with Module Builder.
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    Default Re: Install with MySQL NDBCLUSTER storage engine

    Seems that nobody really knows (and/or cares) about this kind of setup? I already asked the same question in the "help" forum, in a hope that somebody will drop a word or two...

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    Default Re: Install with MySQL NDBCLUSTER storage engine

    As far as choosing your table type, Sugar will automatically default to your default storage engine, which is MyISAM on all default MySQL server installs currently.

    If you'd like for all tables to be created as type NDB (NDBCluster), add this to your my.cnf file prior to running the Sugar installation:


    As far as running NDBCluster in general and its compatibility with Sugar, since we're not explicitly defining any constraints around foreign keys and aren't doing any cascading updates and deletes, the NDB engine should just work.

    Let me know if you have information to the contrary!

    Joey Parsons

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    dravencrow Guest

    Default Re: Install with MySQL NDBCLUSTER storage engine

    Sorry to bring back to life a four years old post, but as Joey requested in the prior post, I have found problems trying to install Sugar over CRM with native NDB storage engine, and went no further. I left a post here SugarCRM + MySQL Cluster 7.X + NDB Engine Installation doesn't work!.

    Thank you and best regards.


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