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    Были бы рады услышать ваши отзывы по поводу нашего SaaS продукта, недавно интегрированного в шугу. Ниже привожу описание на английском:

    Quote Roller Quote Roller - proposal software that beats office. Create and manage beautiful proposals online., awesome cloud application for sales quotes, releases the integration with SugarCRM.

    Now you can create a great looking quotes from within the opportunity tab. Check Quote Roller in action and see how your business could benefit from using it.

    - Centralized place for all sales quotes and interaction between reps and managers
    - In-proposal analytics. Get to know when clients open your quotes and what are they looking at
    - Instant pricing
    - Digital Signature and instant quote acceptance

    Our listing on SugarExchange: SugarExchange: Product Details

    Please message me if you want to trial the app. I'll be happy to provide a coupon code.

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    Недавно выпустили видео:
    Quote Roller Integration with SugarCRM on Vimeo

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