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Thread: Add a Contact to more than one Target List

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    lrgervais Guest

    Default Add a Contact to more than one Target List

    Hi to every one,

    i'm facing another Problem with Sugar. Here at my office we have a lot of target list(20). by creating a new to contact, this one has to inserting in more than 10 target list. And it is time expensive to add the contact to all this target list. Is there a Way to Select all the target lists to which a contact has to be added?

    best regards,

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    Default Re: Add a Contact to more than one Target List


    If you are using SugarCRM pro, you can easily do this from list view of contacts. For CE, you need some customizations to achieve this easily.
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    lrgervais Guest

    Default Re: Add a Contact to more than one Target List


    i'am using the sugar Community Edition. So i don't have this feature. I would like to do it via code.
    Can someone Please helps me?

    best regards,

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