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Thread: Campaign mail is not working

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    Default Campaign mail is not working


    I'm using SugarCRM CE 6.5.9 and I configured email with google. Everything is working fine there except campaign mail. The outgoing mails for campaign is not working. I've gone through the administrative guide and followed the steps mentioned there. Am I missing something else? Any clue ? Did anyone ever faced this kind of situation ?

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    Default Re: Campaign mail is not working

    1. Have you set Email configuration and Inbound Email configuration with Testing properly
    2. Have you create Default Target List in Campinas Setup

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    A handy check list,

    Step 1 : You have to set up Campaign email from Campaigns > Set up Email. It will take a little time to test the configuration. (Not from Admin panel)

    Step 2 : You need to confirm whether the cron job is set up correctly on server and running timely.

    Step 3 : You should have valid Campaign, which has status = Active, Type = Email. Campaign should have Email marketing set up(It has to set up exactly at hours you want to send email at) for the targeted Target List.

    Step 4 : Target List should not be of type "Test".

    Step 5 : Go to Campaign and Press Send Emails. And follow till end, which will queue up emails and then cron job will do the task.

    Hope that helps!
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    RFGSRC Guest

    Default Re: Campaign mail is not working

    I am using the new version of Sugar and am also having trouble sending marketing emails. Every time I try to set up the email campaigns, it won't save, it just stays on the page and then goes to a page that says 504 Gateway Timeout. Please help me figure out why this keeps happening. Thanks!

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