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Thread: Can SugarCRM do these couple of things

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    Default Can SugarCRM do these couple of things


    I am looking for a CRM that can:

    1) Provide a two step web form collection... the first is a standard web form collection (name, email etc.) which adds data to the CRM, then the second one will be a small survey, which then updates the data in the CRM. Has to update in case someone does not complete the survey, we still want the first page form data of course

    2) Can we control website login or access based on data in the CRM? We offer downloads, and we want people to login to the site to get them. SO they first complete a registration form (which sends data to SugarCRM), then they can access the downloads. But if they already completed this form previously, they can just enter their email to get the downloads. So not a proper registration, we just need to check if they already completed the form first time round. We don't want to keep asking returning users to enter their information everytime they want a download.

    The above two reasons is why we are developing a custom contacts module for our customers website, but ideally we want to use a full CRM solution.

    We dont want two databases, e.g. customer data and survey info on our website for the "login" AND the customer data in the CRM. We just want one database with all info.

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: Can SugarCRM do these couple of things

    Hi Amity,

    Yes, but there's a bit of custom development involved. I'd suggest doing the following for the first requirement:

    - Use the lead capture function to capture the lead initially, then use the id of the lead that is generated in the survey form.
    - Pass the response of the survey into a custom script that updates the associated lead with the results.

    Note that you might make life easier for yourself if you just store the client details in the website session variable, then pass all fields to the CRM at once. This won't require any customisation on the CRM side. Or, just have everything on one page.

    As for the second part, there are a range of addons that may allow this - we've developed an extension for Expression Engine that we prefer to use that allows users to authenticate based on username/password within the contacts module and then retrieve/manage data from there. It might be worth looking at Sugarforge to see if there's an out of the box solution for your CMS though.
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