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Thread: Custom data for a SubPanel without using Hooks?

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    Default Custom data for a SubPanel without using Hooks?

    Is there anyway to modify the content shown in a Subpanel without relying on Action Hooks?

    Right now to edit content for a Subpanel field I have to use the hooks like this...

    And in the Class method that I assign the Hook to call I can then change a field in the Subpanel like this...

    $bean->name = '<a href="/index.php?action=ajaxui#ajaxUILoc=index.php%3Fmodule%3Dproje_Web_Project_Tasks%26action%3DDetailView%26record%3D'.$bean->id.'" rel="popover" data-content="'.$bean->description.'" data-original-title="">'.$bean->name.'</a>';
    The main and major problem we have with this method is it works great until you do either of these....

    1) Add an item using the Quick Create form
    2) Change a page using the Subpanel paging buttons

    In either case, it reloads the Subpanel data without running this hook code on the data, so the result is pretty major as the Subpanel fields that you have edited are no longer edited and show up as normal.

    I know that
    has a much more reliable and flexible method for editing it's content using the

    So I am hoping there is a similar method to edit Subpanel data and have it always apply the edits to that data? From what I have seen in my research so far, the only solution that will work as expected all the time, is to make a completely new
    Custom Field Type

    I am really hoping that is not the ONLY way as that is a major pain to do and just doesn't feel right when there are easy ways to edit everything else.

    Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, tips, help, please do share with me on this matter?

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    Default Re: Custom data for a SubPanel without using Hooks?

    can you try view.quickcreate.php or set forsubpanel to true in view.edit.php?

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