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Thread: Customize Home with mixed column layout?

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    vladinator Guest

    Default Customize Home with mixed column layout?

    Hi, new sugar developer here... quick question: is it possible to customize the Home page so the one module (e.g. Calendar) uses a single column layout across the top, then have the other module dashlets use a two column layout below?

    From the documentation I've read so far it appears that it might be possible with CSS uploaded via a manifest file?

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    vladinator Guest

    Default Re: Customize Home with mixed column layout?

    Ok, so here's what I'm thinking... set home column layout to 'one' column, then use jquery's "nextAll" function to select all siblings of the unordered list of dashlets after the first list item and add a new css class to each subsequent <li> to simulate the two column layout (e.g. width:45%;float:left.


    $('#page_0_hidden0b: nth-sibling(2)').nextAll( function() {

    .2ColDashlet {

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