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Thread: On Demand Logic Hook Example or Tutorial

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    Default On Demand Logic Hook Example or Tutorial

    I've not created a logic hook before. I've been told that the best way to solve my current issue is with a after_save logic hook.

    Is there an example of how to create a logic hook for an On Demand instance of Sugar Pro that has all the files necessary to load through module loader? I need the basic "Hello, World!" of logic hooks. If I can get that, I can figure out the rest.

    I've searched quite a bit, and I find various partial examples, but not one complete, downloadable example that I could load into On Demand. Even the developer guide doesn't seem to have a complete walkthrough, unless I am not looking in the correct place.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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    Default Re: On Demand Logic Hook Example or Tutorial

    Here, try this. There are some other resources out there for working with a manifest file (just google sugarcrm manifest).

    Creating an Installable Package for a Logic Hook - SugarCRM Support Site
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    Default Re: On Demand Logic Hook Example or Tutorial

    If you need more than that you can also download modules from SugarForge to see how those are packaged.

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