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    ainara Guest

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    Hi everyone!
    The last months I have been learning/customizing a SugarCRM CE 6.5.15 for the company that a work on, and it's time to put a first version on production.
    I have a lot of customized code, all of it on safe maner (of course...)
    I have new modules build with module builder.
    I have custom fileds a relationsihps created with studio.
    I have override an advacend search query, in code.
    and so on.

    And now the big question...
    How can I pass, the "great&beautifull" sugar that I have on my local machine(Windows) to production server(Linux) whith all the customizations?

    I have used the "Export Customizations" button from studio, and exported the newModules from module builder.
    I have uploaded all the customized packages to the new sugar on production server, but still missing some step, because there are custom fields on newModules that hasn`t been created, and there exists code that is not executed.

    Is out there any best practices? Documentation?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Honestly it is a big question.
    The following blog posts help me a lot.

    An SDLC for Sugar SugarCRM Developer Blog
    SugarCRM SDLC

    The most difficult part is monitoring the database changes...
    I hope someone could share the whole SDLC..

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