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    I would like to disable a field on a form to help you write it?
    eg disable the first_name field

    using the code logic_hook

    thank you in advance


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    Default Re: disabled input


    If you want to hide field on edit than you can do with javascript.

    Visit my blog SugarCRM: Show and hide Panel on load and click on checkbox

    I think it may be help you.

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    Default Re: disabled input


    You can disable or make it readonly via code go to custom/modules/<YOURMODULE>/metadata/editviewdefs.php if file is not exist copy from modules/<YOURMODULE>/metadata/editviewdefs.php to custom directory

    find first_name array then
    PHP Code:
    into customCode of first_name field.

    Do quick repair & rebuild from admin.

    You are done!
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