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Thread: Error deploying custom module

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    Lightbulb Error deploying custom module


    I created a few months ago a custom module in SugarCRM 6.4.2 (build version 7526). I have made ​​several deployments on different platforms (local, online), with more or less success.

    Sometimes, I encountered the following error: "An error occurred during deployment, your pack can not be installed correctly".
    Previously, I had to completely reinstall SugarCRM and it worked again (on my local instance).
    Today, I have the same problem on the online website, so it is difficult for me to do the same thing.

    I followed some advice found on some forums, without success, for example:
    - Re:Impossible e déployer un nouveau pack - Forums CRM-France - CRM-France
    - Error Deploying Custom Module
    - Required File System Permissions on Linux - SugarCRM Support Site

    I have NO logs in sugarcrm.log when the page is loading.

    I have to do some changes often, so I have to deploy many times. Should I tell my client to make changes directly in the Studio and not by an automated deployment ?

    If not, could you suggest me something else ?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Error deploying custom module

    I don't know the specific solution as the problem could be anything, including a badly formatted file. What I would suggest you do, for this and future similarly unsolvable problems, is to (a) get Eclipse for PHP and install it on your PC or MAC, (b) get Apache and MYSQL on your PC or MAC, using something like XAMPP (c) get debugging work so you can break execution on any line of code, (d) find the line of code that generates the error message you reported, and finally (e), set a break point there and run and see what is happening in the code to cause the error.

    That is a lot of work, but setting yourself up this way makes it easy to solve almost any Sugar problem. You can normally set up a local instance, and find such problems in less than an hour, and sometimes that is worth the time.

    Good luck,
    Greg Ambrose

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    Default Re: Error deploying custom module

    You could check your manifest.php in the root directory of your custom module install package if there is a file modifying some not update-safe files. Like index.php

    I recently lost an hour figuring out why I couldn't install my own custom module until I noticed that I forgot to update my archive script which puts all the necessary files in the zip archive.

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    Default Re: Error deploying custom module

    Hello owfavreau,

    The Module Builder Best Practices documentation on our Support site my prove useful - Best Practices When Building Custom Modules - SugarCRM Support Site

    We recommend making all customizations, especially relationships, in Studio and never redeploying a package.

    Kind regards,

    Dan Kallish
    SugarCRM Technical Support Engineer

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