I bumped into an error today.
I wanted to export all my opportunities so i went to the opportunity list, selected all and clicked on the actions->export button. After this i was redirected to a page where the mysql query appeared which was supposed to be called for retrieving the data about the opportunities next to this : "Erreur de base de données. Veuillez consulter le fichier sugarcrm.log pour plus de détails." This means that problem with the query, check out the log file...ok i went ahead and checked it, it was this same query and the following message: "MySQL error 1054: Unknown column 'opportunities_cstm.opportunity_id_c' in 'field list' " . I then checked the query in mysql workbench , indeed it wasn't working, because automatically it put a wrong column name, instead of 'opportunities_cstm.id_c' he puts in the query 'opportunities_cstm.opportunity_id_c'. Isn't the query supposed to be based on the database.
Can somebody please tell me where is the query for exporting data created, so i can change it to the correct field? Or i have to change somewhere else this column name?

Cheers, Timi