Good evening everybody.

I am currently working on a dilemma on our end that we'd like to figure out if possible to resolve. In our email templates, we have contact variables ($contact_name, $contact_primary_address etc...) in them, and we would like to take precautions somehow on figuring out if they are empty or not.

The reason for this is because in certain situations we want to properly format the message if there are empty values, example being if they are seperated by commas "fooname, foocity,,,foozipcode". Basically i'd like to control this somehow.

I was wondering if
a) The function(s) that are used to apply templating for each contact that gets an email are able to be overriden into the custom folder to be upgrade safe
b) What those functions are
c) If there is another way of handling this

I know i'm asking for a mouthful, but i'd appreciate any help i can get.

SugarCRM CE Version 6.5.14 (Build 1055)

Thank you,