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Thread: HTML mail template in sugar

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    Amadeo Guest

    Unhappy HTML mail template in sugar


    I want to integrate a mail template into sugar.
    I made al up in dreamweaver .XHTML and I past it in the body.

    But when I do so all the nice html code I made is getting a real big mess.
    When I send the mail with outlook all looks perfect.

    any one can tell me what I need to adjust to the code to make it work?
    Thank you.

    see: Informatie Counthree for the mail tamplate.
    See for a screen of how it looks in Sugar:

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    Default Re: HTML mail template in sugar

    Give this a try.
    Ubuntu Apache/2.2.11 (Debian) PHP/5.3 MySQL 5.5

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    Default Re: HTML mail template in sugar


    Modify the SugarCleaner class inside \include\clean.php in order to suit your need.

    i.e. modify $config->set('HTML.TidyLevel', 'light'); to $config->set('HTML.TidyLevel', 'none');

    Also modify the var $defaultConfig in \include\SugarTinyMce.php

    i.e. modify 'verify_html' => true, to 'verify_html' => false,

    Remeber that those modification are not upgrade safe.


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