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Thread: module builder change template from file to basic.

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    Question module builder change template from file to basic.


    I have created module from module builder in sugar 6.4.

    I have choose File template when creating new module.

    I want to change module template from File to Basic.

    Any idea?


    I have one (File module) to many (Basic module) relationship.

    Select box option of File module select document_name field instead of custom field.

    document_name is name field in File module template and used in relationship rname.

    I want to use custom field name instead of document_name here 'rname' => 'document_name',

    $dictionary["test_basic"]["fields"]["test_basic_test_file_name"] = array (
      'name' => 'test_basic_test_file_name',
      'type' => 'relate',
      'source' => 'non-db',
      'save' => true,
      'id_name' => 'test_basic_test_filetest_file_ida',
      'link' => 'test_basic_test_file',
      'table' => 'test_file',
      'module' => 'test_file',
      'rname' => 'document_name',

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