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Thread: MySQL error 1059: Identifier name is too long..

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    Default MySQL error 1059: Identifier name is too long..


    I create a relationship between 2 custom modules, but after that instance giving blank screen. In log I have found

    Error creating table: empac_employee_profile_empac_employee_insurance_en rollement_1_c Query Failed: CREATE TABLE empac_employee_profile_empac_employee_insurance_en rollement_1_c (id varchar(36) NOT NULL ,date_modified datetime NULL ,deleted bool DEFAULT '0' NULL ,empac_empl7342profile_ida varchar(36) NULL ,empac_empl889cllement_idb varchar(36) NULL , PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY empac_employee_profile_empac_employee_insurance_en rollement_1_alt (empac_empl7342profile_ida, empac_empl889cllement_idb)) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci: MySQL error 1059: Identifier name 'empac_employee_profile_empac_employee_insurance_e nrollement_1_alt' is too long

    Try to change all custom directories like


    Still having same issue. Any idea..I am not able to login and rebuild as well.


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    Default Re: MySQL error 1059: Identifier name is too long..

    delete your relationship and shorten name of your modules , always good to have short name of your modules.

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