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Thread: no log after repair/rebuild hung

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    tammyLewis Guest

    Default no log after repair/rebuild hung

    CRM: 6.5 CE
    IIS: 7
    PHP: 5.4

    I made some changes to a couple of the files in the custom/modules...../ext/vardefs files. (following some instructions on line for creating a 1-2-many relationship directly (without the middle table) with Accounts table and a custom table.)
    I ran the quick repair/rebuild via the admin module.
    It started up but then seemed to hang on the rebuild extensions for quite a while.
    after that I have been unable to get system back up.

    I am able to log in but the next page only contains some javascript in the header. No body. Below is what I get. I have turned on just about every debugging/log reporting/error reporting that I can find. But no log files with errors. I am pretty sure I messed up something since this is my first time making code changes in SugarCRM but thought I would get some sort of log errors. but nothing.

    Please help.

    Tammy Lewis

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
    <html lang='en_us'>
    <head><script>jscal_today = 1000*1391179427; if(typeof app_strings == "undefined") app_strings = new Array();</script><script type="text/javascript" src="cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=1U1nOzCgf-GI0zXYPenX8A"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1_yui.js?v=1U1nOzCgf-GI0zXYPenX8A"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="cache/include/javascript/sugar_grp1.js?v=1U1nOzCgf-GI0zXYPenX8A"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="include/javascript/calendar.js?v=1U1nOzCgf-GI0zXYPenX8A"></script><script>
    SUGAR.config.stockAjaxBannedModules = ["Calendar","Emails","Campaigns","Documents","Docum entRevisions","Project","ProjectTask","EmailMarket ing","CampaignLog","CampaignTrackers","Releases"," Groups","EmailMan","Administration","ModuleBuilder ","Schedulers","SchedulersJobs","DynamicFields","E ditCustomFields","EmailTemplates","Users","Currenc ies","Trackers","Connectors","Import_1","Import_2" ,"Versions","vCals","CustomFields","Roles","Audit" ,"InboundEmail","SavedSearch","UserPreferences","M ergeRecords","EmailAddresses","Relationships","Emp loyees","Import","OAuthKeys","KReports","KReports" ,"KReports","KReports"];
    SUGAR.config.disableAjaxUI = false;
    SUGAR.config.addAjaxBannedModules = ["KReports","KReports","KReports","KReports"];</script>
    <script type="text/javascript">SUGAR.themes.image_server="";</script><script type="text/javascript">var name_format = "s f l";</script><script type="text/javascript">
    var time_reg_format = '([0-9]{1,2})[0-9]{1,2})';
    var date_reg_format = '([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{1,2})/([0-9]{4})';
    var date_reg_positions = { 'm': 1,'d': 2,'Y': 3 };
    var time_separator = ':';
    var cal_date_format = '%m/%d/%Y';
    var time_offset = 0;
    var num_grp_sep = ',';
    var dec_sep = '.';
    </script><script type="text/javascript" src="cache/jsLanguage/en_us.js?v=89MH2Y6Awl2ByAi9tBPVTg"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="cache/jsLanguage/Users/en_us.js?v=89MH2Y6Awl2ByAi9tBPVTg"></script><script type='text/javascript'>
    var sugar_cache_dir = 'cache/';
    var module_sugar_grp1 = 'Users';
    var action_sugar_grp1 = 'Authenticate';

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    Default Re: no log after repair/rebuild hung

    Make sure you make your vardef extensions in <sugarroot>/custom/Extension/modules/<your module>/Ext and not in <sugarroot>/custom/modules/<your module>/Ext
    I assume you are creating a Relate field (which creates a 1-M without an intermediate table), why not use Studio? Go to the module on the M side of your relationship and add a field of type Relate choosing the module on the 1 side of your relationship.

    More in general, these are things I find useful for debugging such issues:

    (1)Reset all permissions on all files, start from your sugarcrm root.
    I use these three lines which set ownership and permissions (775 on directories and 664 on all files) recursively:

    Replace apache with your chosen user:group

    sudo chown -R  apache:apache *
    sudo find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
    sudo find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
    Run Repair/Rebuild again.

    If this doesn't fix things:
    2) Add these two lines to the top of your <sugar_root>/index.php
    PHP Code:
    Go back to the page that was blank and see what you can see. Often you will find some PHP error that tells you it's looking for a missing file or something.
    If you get a popup window be sure to scroll to the bottom, that's where you may find your PHP error.
    Be sure to comment out those two lines after you are done debugging, there are a lot of "Notify" and "Warning" type messages resulting from Sugar's core scripts and the AJAX could well be messed up with this extra code.

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    SugarCRM Professional 6.5.15

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    Default Re: no log after repair/rebuild hung

    Just noticed one more thing.
    You said you modified custom/modules...../ext/vardefs
    You don't want to do that. Anything in custom/modules/<module_name>/Ext/ is created by the repair rebuild.
    To modify something like your vardefs do it in custom/Extension/<module_name>/Ext/Vardefs/
    create a varderfs.ext.php there (or any other name you like) and put your modifications there.
    Then the repair rebuild will pick up that modification and append it to your custom/modules/<module_name>/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php

    So make the modification in the Extension dir as I said above and rebuild.
    If you still have problems rebuilding, remove the custom/<module_name>/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php you had originally modified and rebuild.
    SugarCRM Professional 6.5.15

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    tammyLewis Guest

    Default Re: no log after repair/rebuild hung

    thanks. I will look at your suggestion.

    THe reason i was trying to create a relationship outside of using the studio relationship/third table is that we want the data to automatically relate. If imported data, it wasn't relating automatically. I had to go in a select which data goes with what..

    We were hoping that creating the direct relationship, it would fix the problem so when i imported the invoice history, it would automatically show up on the related accounts instead of having to select them.


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