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Thread: Outlook Plugins for SugarCE

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    hats Guest

    Default Outlook Plugins for SugarCE

    Hi All,

    While searching for outlook plugin for CE down the google, I found two plugins - a) Outlander b) Opacus

    I haven't gone through the documentation of either one in detail so in real dilemma on which one to use.

    Folks, please let me know if anyone has any prior experience with these plugins.

    Thanks and Regards.


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    Default Re: Outlook Plugins for SugarCE

    I have used the free version of Opacus with Thunderbird and it has worked fine. I have a client who uses the paid for version of Opacus for Thunderbird, and when we had a problem with a custom module not getting searched, the support was very good.

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    Default Re: Outlook Plugins for SugarCE

    Try the solutions offered by Grinmark (GrinMark - Home) - on

    They have an Outlook pluging

    They also have a server-side syn tool called AESync if you have Outlook with Exchange.
    If you have Outlook with Exhange, also look at RivaSync from Omni-TS

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    hats Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Plugins for SugarCE

    Hello Eric and Ramblin,

    Thank you both for your valuable feedback.

    I am thinking to go with GrinMark. Will let you know once done.


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