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Thread: PDF Manager and Echosign

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    I am new to working with SugarCRM but I recently completed an integration of Echosign and SugarCRM. I have everything working great but it only allows me to process a signature field. The module automatically places the signature block at the bottom. To correct this I have added {{_es_:signer:signature}} where required and other fields within double {{}} to allow Echosign to recognize them once processes into a PDF file. With these fields the download of the PDF fails in SugarCRM. I know their fields only use single brackets for inserting variables but it appears to not like my Echosign fields.

    To resolve I tried adding fields with the default value and inserting that field name in Sugar format (eg. created a text field with the default value of {{_es_:signer:signature}}) I went into the PDF manager and added this text field from Sugar's insert variable. However the field comes out blank.

    Any suggestions?
    Josh Albert

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    I was able to get this resolved with the help of Sugar Support. Turns out I just had to use html entity codes to prevent Sugar's pdf manager from reading the double curly brackets.

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